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Porn Movie Director: Andrew Blake
Andrew Blake

Years Active: 1989-2008

Andrew Blake, the self-styled 'erotic artist,' is the kind of porn maker that people either love or hate. He is a true original, directing sex films that are iconoclastic and always impossibly gorgeous to look at. He has raised the level of hardcore to new heights through his innovative editing, creative shot-making, and his unrelenting focus on the most beautiful women in the business. Every Andrew Blake film is an event, a chance to see state-of-the-art erotic entertainment.

Andrew Blake was born in 1947. He worked his way up through the world of fashion photography and filming, moving into hardcore directing in 1989. From the very start, it was clear that Blake brought something new and exciting to his chosen field. Andrew Blake based much of his personal style on the work of fashion photographer Helmut Newton, who was known for shooting the world's sexiest women in provocative settings and outfits, including kinky leather bondage gear. Blake's first sex film to make a splash was 'Night Trips,' and it illustrated many of the techniques that he was to perfect over the next decade.

'Night Trips' was a fantasy-driven video that focused on the decadent dreams of Tori Welles, a repressed woman who lived out her deepest desires in an atmospheric nether world of pure sensuality. The film featured very little in the way of dialogue or story, concentrating instead on depicting gorgeous performers in a variety of striking, sublimely alluring situations. The film won Adam Film World's Best Film Award for 1989, and Andrew Blake was on his way to becoming one of the industry's true greats.

Over the next decade, Blake honed his personal style to perfection. His films were never story driven, but tended to be a series of almost hallucinatory sexual images that blended together into a seamless whole. His fast-paced editing style combined with glossy, often slo-mo shots of beautiful people in breathtaking settings. He sustained a sensual mood throughout his films, never delving into down and dirty action -- often his films can seem positively softcore when compared to other videos out there.

Andrew Blake is interested in creating and sustaining an erotic tone, with non-linear cutting and a somewhat detached camera attitude. One of his best early films is 1990's 'House of Dreams,' in which Zara Whites floats through a series of erotic encounters which meld into one another via Blake's inventive editing techniques. 1992's 'Hidden Obsessions' won Adam's Best Film Award for that year, and featured what's generally considered to be Janine's all-time best performance. She plays a woman hired by a rich man, charged with thinking up erotic fantasies for his reclusive wife to indulge in. Janine's sensual tryst with Julia Ann and an ice dildo remains one of the quintessential Andrew Blake scenes.

Andrew Blake continued making his own special brand of sex film throughout the 90s and into the new millennium. He opened his own production house, Studio A Entertainment, in 1996, and it is there that he has shot some of the most original and breathtaking features of recent years. 1999's 'Aroused' was an almost all-girl opus that featured one of Tera Patrick's most stunningly sensuous scenes. In 2001, Andrew Blake released 'Aria,' bringing Penthouse Pet Aria Giovanni into the porn world in a glossy, atmospheric stunner.

Andrew Blake's most frequent star is Dahlia Grey, another former Penthouse Pet and one of the most beautiful women in porn. Their best film together is probably 2000's 'Decadence,' in which Dahlia serves as the sexual centerpiece for a breast-fixated, leg worshipping film that is stylized almost to the point of total detachment. The film's cool facade gives it a feel unlike any other sexvid, and sums up the state of Andrew Blake's erotic art.

While some decry Andrew Blake as nothing but a stylist who turns hot sex into cool images, his fans consider him to be the most innovative porn director of the past decade. He is without a doubt a true original -- you can never mistake an Andrew Blake film for anything else. Filled with unspeakable gorgeous women, eye-popping settings and cutting edge editing and shooting techniques, Andrew Blake's films continue to set the pace for the high end of the hardcore industry.

DVD Movies Directed by Andrew Blake

Release Date   Alpha   List

Adriana (2002) DVD $25.94 Adriana Box Art. Excalibur Films   TRL

All My Best Anita Blond (2010) DVD $25.94 All My Best Anita Blond Box Art. Excalibur Films

All My Best Aria (2010) DVD $25.94 All My Best Aria Box Art. Excalibur Films   TRL

All My Best Justine (2011) DVD $25.94 All My Best Justine Box Art. Excalibur Films   GLY  TRL

Andrew Blake Five Stars (2009) DVD $25.94 Andrew Blake Five Stars Box Art. Excalibur Films

Andrew Blake X (2007) DVD $25.94 Andrew Blake X Box Art. Excalibur Films

Andrew Blake X 2 (2007) DVD $25.94 Andrew Blake X 2 Box Art. Excalibur Films   TRL

Andrew Blake's Classic Hits (2003) DVD $41.94 Andrew Blake's Classic Hits Box Art. Excalibur Films

Andrew Blake's Girls (1992) DVD $10.94 Andrew Blake's Girls Box Art. Excalibur Films

Aria (2000) DVD $25.94 Aria Box Art. Excalibur Films   RVW

Aroused DVD $25.94 Aroused Box Art. Excalibur Films

Best of Andrew Blake (2000) DVD $10.94 Best of Andrew Blake Box Art. Excalibur Films

Blond and Brunettes (2001) DVD $25.94 Blond and Brunettes Box Art. Excalibur Films

Body Language (2005) DVD $25.94 Body Language Box Art. Excalibur Films   GLY  TRL

Captured Beauty (1995) DVD $25.94 Captured Beauty Box Art. Excalibur Films

Close-Ups (2004) DVD $25.94 Close-Ups Box Art. Excalibur Films

Dark Angel (1997) DVD $25.94 Dark Angel Box Art. Excalibur Films

Decadence (2000) DVD $25.94 Decadence Box Art. Excalibur Films

Delirious (1998) DVD $25.94 Delirious Box Art. Excalibur Films   RVW

Dollhouse (2003) DVD $25.94 Dollhouse Box Art. Excalibur Films

Exhibitionists (2001) DVD $25.94 Exhibitionists Box Art. Excalibur Films

Feel The Heat (2004) DVD $25.94 Feel The Heat Box Art. Excalibur Films

Flirts (2004) DVD $25.94 Flirts Box Art. Excalibur Films

Girlfriends (2001) DVD $25.94 Girlfriends Box Art. Excalibur Films

Hard Edge (2003) DVD $25.94 Hard Edge Box Art. Excalibur Films

Hidden Obsessions (1993) DVD $25.94 Hidden Obsessions Box Art. Excalibur Films   RVW

High Heels (1998) DVD $25.94 High Heels Box Art. Excalibur Films   RVW

High Strung Women (2004) DVD $25.94 High Strung Women Box Art. Excalibur Films

House of Dreams (1995) DVD $13.94 House of Dreams Box Art. Excalibur Films   RVW  TRL

Justine (2002) DVD $25.94 Justine Box Art. Excalibur Films   TRL

Les Femmes Erotiques Erotic Women (2003) DVD $25.94 Les Femmes Erotiques Erotic Women Box Art. Excalibur Films

Naked Diva (2004) DVD $25.94 Naked Diva Box Art. Excalibur Films

Night Trips (2000) DVD $13.94 Night Trips Box Art. Excalibur Films   RVW  TRL

Night Trips 2 (1990) DVD $13.94 Night Trips 2 Box Art. Excalibur Films   RVW  TRL

Paris Chic (2001) DVD $25.94 Paris Chic Box Art. Excalibur Films   RVW

Pin-Ups (2002) DVD $25.94 Pin-Ups Box Art. Excalibur Films

Pin-Ups 2 (1999) DVD $25.94 Pin-Ups 2 Box Art. Excalibur Films

Playthings (1999) DVD $25.94 Playthings Box Art. Excalibur Films

Possessions (2004) DVD $25.94 Possessions Box Art. Excalibur Films   RVW

Secret Paris (2000) DVD $25.94 Secret Paris Box Art. Excalibur Films

Secrets (1995) DVD $13.94 Secrets Box Art. Excalibur Films   RVW  TRL

Sensual Exposure DVD $25.94 Sensual Exposure Box Art. Excalibur Films   RVW

Sex Dolls (2010) DVD $25.94 Sex Dolls Box Art. Excalibur Films   GLY  TRL

Sexy Girls (2013) DVD $25.94 Sexy Girls Box Art. Excalibur Films

Smoking Hot Girls (2009) DVD $25.94 Smoking Hot Girls Box Art. Excalibur Films

Sultry (2006) DVD $25.94 Sultry Box Art. Excalibur Films

Teasers (2005) DVD $25.94 Teasers Box Art. Excalibur Films   TRL

Teasers 2 (2005) DVD $25.94 Teasers 2 Box Art. Excalibur Films

Unleashed (2004) DVD $25.94 Unleashed Box Art. Excalibur Films

Valentina (2005) DVD $25.94 Valentina Box Art. Excalibur Films   RVW  GLY  TRL

Villa, The (2002) DVD $25.94 Villa, The Box Art. Excalibur Films

Voyeur Within (2009) DVD $25.94 Voyeur Within Box Art. Excalibur Films   TRL

Excalibur Films
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